knoWs How

I've been envolved in marketing  for 17 years now, I've created from experiential to guerrilla, conventional  and digital marketing successful strategies.


I am results-oriented, constantly checking in with the goal to determine how close or how far away we are and what it will take to make it happen.

I find this pressure inspiring and a great motivator for the rest of the team.


These are some of my projects

"Feria de San Marcos"

   Coca Cola Mexico


Analogous game for "PELON PELO RICO" (a spicy candy only available in HSY México).

in wholesale channel.


We are talking about executing an activity that should be replicate in different sales points, in different cities simultaneously, by training (and leading) a staff for a whole season with specific sales-oriented goals. 


Proposing a marketing strategy for a brand like HERSHEY'S is more about a constant competition than closing a formal account. I can tell you it is both, inspiring and stressing to always stretch the conventional limits to achieve the closing of the project, each time. 


My role is to create the whole marketing proposal, make the presentation for it, and bring that "dream" to reality on time and cost, and making it look exactly as I compromised at the beggining, plus giving sales results. 


Masive BTL

for Hershey's

We installed a stage active for 23 consecutive days in one of the biggest festivals of the country

(about 8,000,000 assistants per year).


I was in charge of the full coordination, from the concept and bidding process, approaching strategy, material design, staff training, material production, installation, activities and leading the people and organizations involved in the planning and development process.